Thursday, March 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Story (One Month Old Today!)


Dear Story:

Today makes it one month since you were born. I just can’t believe that it was only 28 days ago that your Dad and I were hiking through the snow eating pineapples and beets trying to induce your birth. Little did we know it was our last carefree night as a pair of lovebirds. I didn’t think we could be any happier than we were that night, posting our silly photos, exchanging glances and talking late into the night. But then you came along. You have filled our hearts with such an abundance of joy that we both find ourselves smiling amidst all the chaos, our love stretched like a balloon at maximum capacity about to burst.

Don't get me wrong, being a mom isn't easy. Lately, I smell of sour milk, pick spit-up out of my crusty hair, forget to button my shirt after I feed you and fall asleep standing up in the grocery store line. But no matter the loss of my vanity or the fact you are impossibly difficult to lay down to sleep, I gaze down at you and my eyes just start to tingle when I see your cherub cheeks. Your face is changing every day, rounding out along with your little body. Your bright eyes make me melt into a tiny pile of gush. Your little squishy body in my hands and your sweet soft cheeks made for kisses and nibbles, make three hours of sleep feel like bliss. While not simple, it's very rewarding.

Much love - Mom


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wonderchris said...

Oh sweet baby lips!!!!


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