mommy and daddy....

Dear Story:

Here is what your daddy looked like when he was born.


And here is what your mommy looked like when she was a baby.


Daddy was born 7 lbs and 2.5 oz, he broke his nose and Mimi's tail bone on his way out after 36 hours of labor. I slid out at 5 lbs 14 oz within five minutes of my Mother arriving at the hospital. And you were born 7 lbs and 8 oz, after fourteen easy hours of labor.


When I was little, I loved looking at pictures of my Mom and Dad when they were babies. I also loved asking your great grandma Wiese and Ford to tell me stories about when my parents were bad. Your Grandma Hesson and Grandma Wiese should have lots of stories like that for you when you grow up. And as for photos, I put together this little video so that you could see what your mom and dad looked like when they were little. I can’t wait to watch it with you someday and answer all your questions.


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