Saturday, May 28, 2011



Today, Story had a day long play date with two of the most delightful neighbor girls. The six year old brought her coloring books, her make-up case and her pink flower purse. Her younger four year old sister wore a skirt over her pants and pink princess flip-flops. The older one begged to feed Story her lunch. The younger one climbed up into my lap while I was checking my email. At one point, we all cuddled on the couch watching Monsters vs. Aliens, the older nudged into my right side playing with my hair. The younger one rest her head on my shoulder and drew shapes on my hand. Story sat on my lap and pressed her head back into my chest. I sighed. Heaven.

It got me thinking about what a home with three little children would look like. And I was lost in the reverie until I heard the ominous voice of my husband, “you could end up with boys.”

(Image via Ohdeedoh kids room tours)

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