Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Small Paul at Billion Dollar Babes

I like cute monkeys. Who doesn't? And perhaps that is why I love Small Paul, the kid line of Paul Frank. It's normally out of my budget, but that is why I stalk Billion Dollar Babes for certain designers. And just my luck, today is Small Paul Sale day at Billion Dollar Babes!!

Here are some of my picks for today:

This adorable onesie normally sells for $27.00, but is only $8.10 at BDB.

I priced this romper at $43.00 just a month ago in a children's boutique, and now it is only $12.90 at BDB. That's kinda awesome.

For the boys...

Sleeper is normally $36.00, but $10.80 at BDB.

And this super adorable PJ set would run you $43.00 at Bloomingdales,but is $12.90 for the next 24 hours at Billion Dollar Babes.

My friend Rachel loves Paul Frank. So you better get over there now and buy it before someone like Rachel snatches it all up!

1 comment:

Rachel said...

thanks for the link, and also, you must know that Target carries Small Paul for Target...which is more in line with my budget!


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