Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Dear Baby - Only 6 days until we meet!

Dear Sweet Baby,

It is difficult to believe that this time next Wednesday night I may be feeding you or Daddy may be trying out his “Happiest Baby on the Block” tricks on you. If the shushing sound he makes in your ear is annoying, I give you permission to vomit on him.

In these last few days, Mommy and Daddy have been doing lots of preparing for you arrival. Tonight, I baked 24 red velvet cupcakes and 24 snickerdoodles to serve to all the friends that will be stopping by to see you when you are born.

Daddy walked me all over town to try and find flavors to drip in my ice chips at the hospital, he got the laptop loaded with our favorite music and photos and packed his Daddy bag. We washed and folded all your new baby clothes. Your Aunty Barb sent another huge box of designer duds that made Mommy tear up and cry all over them. Dad said we should wash them again.

On Friday night, Mimi will be arriving so she can help us with your birth. We hope you don’t come before she arrives because she would be so sad to miss your arrival. And Daddy and I still have a few things left on on our ‘To Do’ lists.

Daddy and I spend a lot of time wondering what kind of birth we will have, and what kind of baby you will be. I'm especially curious about what you might look like when you are born.

Here is what your daddy looked like when he was born.


And here is what your mommy looked like when she was a baby.


I hope you look more like me.

Daddy was born 7 lbs and 2.5 oz, he broke his nose and Mimi's tail bone on his way out after 36 hours of labor. I slid out at 5 lbs 14 oz within five minutes of my Mother arriving at the hospital.

I hope you are born more like me too.

When I was little, I loved looking at pictures of my Mom and Dad when they were babies. I also loved asking your great grandma Wiese and Ford to tell me stories about when my parents were bad. Your Grandma Hesson and Grandma Wiese should have lots of stories like that for you Hedvig. And as for photos, I put together this little video so that you could see what your mom and dad looked like when they were little. I can’t wait to watch it with you someday and answer all your questions.

Well, I should probably get some sleep because I need to be well rested in case you decide to arrive in the middle of the night. Would it be possible if you could wait until around noon before you start your journey towards us? Daddy and I really like to sleep in and it would be so great to meet you when we are super well rested.

Thanks Baby - See you soon,



Daddy said...

Why is my photo from like 3 minutes after they removed the forceps from my head, but you are 6 months old in yours? Where's the justice? Hedvig, take your time coming out. Do it for Daddy.

Ligia said...


Jennifer said...

This was so sweet. The movie is wonderful!

Angel said...

LOL @ Daddy!
Beautiful photos and post... I am so excited for both of you!!
All my best.

Eileen said...

The slide show is beautiful! A lot of the pictures of you I recognize from ones your mother sent me over the years. And I love your choice of background music - John Denver was the best!


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