Monday, January 25, 2010

Our Story (15 Days Left)

My Dear Sweet Unborn Baby:

Here I sit, 15 days from your birth, filled with anticipation about your impending arrival. Tonight, your father and I listened to your heartbeat with a special tool your Mimi bought us when we were visiting Oklahoma.

Dad lay on the bed next to me and we listened together to your consistent, healthy and strong heartbeat.

“What do you think she will look like?” I asked your father.

“She will have green eyes and my dark hair. Hopefully she won’t have my nose.”

I laughed, “Hopefully, she won’t have mine either.”

Then I asked, “What do you think she will be like?”

“I think she will be willful and independent like her mom and dad. I think she will be bright and like to read. I hope that she is more like me, quiet and thoughtful until she goes away to college. And after she leaves home I hope she is more like you, outgoing and charming.”

I told him, “Well I think she will be born bald just like me. And when she is four, she will start to grow a froth of white blonde thin hair that will never quite thicken. She will be a bit of a tomboy, tough and sporty. I just know she will be a Daddy’s girl. You will take her surfing and sailing and skiing and talk about books. I hope when she comes home she will want to make cookies with me and play dress-up. I hope she is confident.”

“She will be,” he said. “She will be sure of herself and never doubt how much we love her. She will be the second most precious person in my life.”

He didn't have to tell me who was the first.

When you are old enough to read and curious enough to ask, I will tell you the story of how I met your father and how he won my heart. I know I used to love it when my parents told me their story. I especially liked the part when Papa and Grandma broke up and he showed up at the movie theater where she was watching Mary Poppins with her brothers and sisters and sobbing into her popcorn every time Papa got up from his seat. It’s a pretty good story, and your Dad and I have one too.

One day, we will show you the video of our wedding and tell you all about how we fell in love. I will tell you about our first date when your Daddy took me bowling and I spent an hour in front of the mirror before he arrived, trying to find a pair of pants that I could wear with bowling shoes and not look fat.

We will tell you that you were born from a great love story. We will fight the urge to tell you every day how very much we love you and how much deeper you have made our lives. Hopefully, we wont have to tell you because you will just know.

Sweet baby, fifteen days until we kiss your little toes.

Sleep tight - Mom

(Video shot and edited by Wellspun Weddings)

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