Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Hospital Bag (17 Days to D-Day)


My sister has been telling me for the last few weeks that I need to get my hospital bag packed. It’s been half packed since she first suggested it, but I decided tonight was the night to clear off the bench at the end of our bed.

Here is what I packed:

  • Baby car seat
  • Baby clothes, socks, hand socks and hat
  • Two swaddling blankets
  • An eight-pack of lemon Gatorade, a six-pack of Smart Water, trail mix and protein bars for Dad
  • Bendy straws
  • Lollipops, hard candies
  • Four printed copies of our Labor Plan
  • Labor/Pain remedies (massage lotion, aromatherapy oil, our bathing suits, hair ties, chapstick, mints)
  • Entertainment (Bananagrams, 2 decks of cards, iPod, speakers, headphone)
  • Camera and FlipCam (chargers and extra cords for both)
  • Cell phone charger
  • After labor clothes (light robe, slippers, nightgown, sleep pants, nursing top, nursing bra, leggings, tunic top, long tank, and sweater)
  • Toiletry bag and cosmetic bag
  • Hair dryer
  • My Breast Friend pillow, tube of Lanolin, and breast pads
  • Change for the vending machines
Anything important that we are forgetting??


Anne LaBrum said...


Jennifer said...

A couple of pairs of socks. You will want one pair you can toss in case they get blood on them and a few to wear in the hospital when you can't wear the slippers. Might want to add some DVD's- as most rooms have TVs and you might want to have some control over what is on it. The books and games might become to hard to focus on. I do think that your bag sounds wonderful and that you have all of the essentials. I think that you and Gabe already had the most important thing for a good labor and delivery experience: a great attitude and an open mind!

Rachel said...

looks like you got most thing I might suggest is to make sure that Gabe has a sweatshirt or something for himself. they keep the L&D rooms pretty cool (at least here) because mom gets kinda hot with all that work, and Chris always complains about being cold. : ) oh, and also, you might send Gabe for the carseat AFTER baby comes, so you aren't lugging all that stuff around with you. it's getting close!

Anne LaBrum said...

Champagne! Relax! You are not going to a desert island! You've got this, and you will never say in those incredibly miraculous hours, "OMG! HOW could we FORGET THAT???"


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