Friday, February 10, 2006

I hate Valentines Day Party

TO: Dark Hearts and Valentine Haters... tonight is your night!

Love is dead. Please join me at my apartment for a wake.

Take-out menus from all over the city will be provided, as will board games and raucous girly activities..

Remember that I only invited special friends that don't have boyfriends. So if you have since acquired one-you are no longer invited!!

If you think you might want to come for a little bit before you have to run off for a date... DON'T BOTHER!! WE DON'T NEED YOU!! WE HATE VALENTINES DAY!!!!!!!

Please exercise discretion when telling your friends that you are joining a party of exquisite and fashionable New York women to order take-out and play board games. Others will be jealous. Perhaps you should say you are going home to your empty apartment, three cats and almost burned down Christmas candles.

RULES: No hearts... No love... No Boyfriends... No pink (except Janice P.)... No red... No chocolate (except Kelli)... No kissing (unless it's me and you are really hot) ... no mention of the V word...



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