Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Blogger Round-Up

Tonight I attended my first movie premiere and it was pretty awesome. I promise to tell you all about it later. In the meanwhile, please enjoy the links below, written by women far wittier and better rested than me right now.

  • People are always asking me to recommend baby gear and I've been trying to put together a list but this lady beat me to it. Of course, I totally disagree with most of her recommendations, but she is pretty entertaining to read. Just proves that no one else can really predict exactly what your baby is going to need.
  • One of my favorite lifestyle bloggers is pregnant and showing it off in some totally cute maternity gear by Isabella Oliver. Where were all the hip maternity clothes when I was preggos?
  • This hilarious blogger reminds me why I love being married.
  • I love a good breastfeeding story, especially one that finds clever ways to talk about boobs and uses the word hooters.
  • This fashion post by Girls Gone Child made me want to get pregnant again, just for the cool clothes. She totally rocks the pregnant look.
  • Behold! My next craft project.


Lisa said...

Hope you had a blast at the premier!

Beth said...

This baby gear post is interesting, but I'm still interested in hearing your viewpoint. I've been meaning to ask you about it for a while...


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