Thursday, June 03, 2010

Happy First Four Months Story!

Dear Ms. Story:

Today you are FOUR MONTHS! I simply can’t believe how quickly you are developing. It kinda blows my mind that four months ago you looked like this:


And now you look like this:

You have changed so much Ms. Story. I remember when daddy and I first laid you down in your play gym. You looked like a little peanut. All you could do was stare, your little arms unable to reach the dangling monkey and lion. Now you easily reach for Mr. Monkey and Mr. Elephant, grab onto them both and shake the gym with your mighty fists.

You seem to have discovered the little mirror in the gym and I catch you flirting with yourself frequently. You smile and coo and bat your eyelashes as if to say, look at me Mommy, I’m so funny. I park you in the gym so I can make your Daddy dinner and you follow me with your eyes, waiting for me to begin something complicated before you scream with the force of a police siren. It seems you have learned that a particular pitch of scream will get you just about anything you want.

SWF, HWP: According to the highly accurate method of weighing mommy without you in her hands and then weighing mommy with you in her hands, you weigh 16 pounds. And you are 25.5 inches long. But I measured you yesterday, so you could be 17 pounds now and 26.5 inches long. If you keep up this rate of growth, you are going to have your own reality TV show on TLC. You already wear clothes made for a six month old. I scramble to get you in all the pretty little outfits that people have bought for you before you outgrow them.


The Poop Report: Poor Ms. Story – you only poop when I feed you 2 oz. of prune juice and water mixed together in a bottle. You get one bottle a day and you still go three to four days with nothing to report. So two days ago, Daddy and I decided to feed you your first taste of rice cereal. You were skeptical at first, but then you loved it! Last night, after Mommy fed you for your ususal nightly feeding, you ate an additional 3 oz. of rice cereal mixed with mommy’s milk. That’s a lot of food. And it wasn’t even enough to hold you through the night! You woke up at 4:00 AM, ravenous. Which brings me to your latest little issue.

Sleep Stats: How is it possible that a baby goes from sleeping 8-10 hours a night, back to waking up every 4-5 hours to eat? What happened here? Me and the other detective working the baby mystery desk, started with the theory that it was the swaddle.

While you have been swaddled since birth, lately we can’t seem to keep you restrained. Wouldn’t you know, you are just about the strongest little three month old in the world?! We put you to bed at 10:30 PM , but by 4:00 AM you have squirmed your way out of our little velcro straight jacket. Dad wrestles with you while you whine, until he has you tied up like a little Christmas package. Just as his head hits the pillow, we hear the rip of velcro, followed by massive tears and screams that should only be appropriate if having your leg amputated in the ER. Oh the fight goes on, and on, an on, throughout the night until you are so exhausted that you sleep. Swaddled or not.

I try to convince Daddy to just let me feed you, but he is very stubborn. You see, I theorize that you are just growing (very quickly) and mommy may not be making enough milk for you these days. While I slowly build up my supply, you are hungry more often and I just can’t seem to get you satiated without two feeding a night. Don’t worry Story, I will get there.

Walkie-Talkie: Perhaps the most exciting thing to report this week is this little sound you make with your mouth. It sounds like the one my mom would make in the mirror after she had applied a fresh coat of lipstick. A little popping noise with your lips is now your favorite trick and I can actually get you to do it if I go first. It’s so amazing. I just love watching you learn new things.

Speaking of learning new things, in the tub the other night you actually stood unassisted for about 1.2 seconds before you grabbed my legs to steady yourself. Yep, Ms. Story you can hold herself up. And it’s so incredible. You are so strong and so determined to walk. It’s absolutely fascinating to watch you kick your legs out in front of you while Daddy and I are holding your little hands. I just hope you are happy with standing for about another year, because I’m not ready to have you walking yet.

Hand-eye coordination: These days, you know what you want and you grab it. Usually, it is the hair on Mommy’s head, or the hair on Daddy’s chest. You love to make us scream. You can grab your binky out of my hand, you can use the rattle to hit the dolls on your gym, and you have recently discovered the crinkly noise when you grab Mr. Lions feet. Right now, your favorite toy is the colorful little toy in the video below. You love to put it in your mouth and I never thought I'd be so happy to see you suck on something other than my boob.

Oh Story - four months have passed so very quickly and the next four will pass even quicker. I want to be present for every milestone moment, and not lost in my head with moving details or career ambitions. To unwind, last night, you, me and Daddy went to the park and had an evening picnic. We took off our shoes and felt the green grass under our toes. We laid out a red and pink blanket and ate a big salad, pork loin and brown rice. Daddy and I drank water out of a metal thermos and Mommy breastfed you under a tangerine twilight sky. The next chapter of our life will be starting soon - but I just want to linger in this day a little longer and be grateful for all the happiness in my life in this very hour. You, Daddy, me, the city, the warm air, the sunshine, our loving friends, our health, our family.

Just when I think my love for you has reached its capacity, you expand my heart. I love you sweet girl.



mommeh said...
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mommeh said...

Made a spelling mistake in the first comment. Grrr
Happy birthday lil' big Story! Mommy is doing such an amazing job at capturing your earliest days. Someday you will read this blog and feel happy, proud, and maybe a little embarrassed about the poop stuff. Someday O will read my blog and immediately need therapy. Lol! We will miss you when you head off for your next chapter in LAlaland. But at least we've got the blog to keep up on your adventures.

Rachel said...

so this is weird, and not that story looks like a boy, or charie looks like a girl, but I kinda think they look like each other. am I crazy? they are both GORgeous, either way. I can't wait to see you all in a month! xoxoxoxoxo

Rachel said...

Charlie, not Charie ; )

Pop Culture Casualty said...

Rach - they totally look alike. I say that to Gabe every time you post a new pic. And yes, both gorgeous.

Chuck Bluestein said...

It was nice meeting you today. You are a very nice person and a good sport on the TV show. This should have a link to my blog. Maybe your baby would benefit from probiotics. I do not want your baby to have constipation.

allie said...

This is so sweet :) I love seeing the little babies grow up. When H was born I was so sad at the thought of him not being a little baby forever and then I realized that as they get older they start learning so many new things every day and now (H is just a little older than four months) I get more and more excited with each new day.

Thank you SO MUCH for posting a Magnetic Zero's song on my page. I had never heard them before and am now completely in love. I can't get enough of them, seriously. We've listened to "Home" tonight over and over and over. You have such great taste in music. Thanks for cheering me up and making me smile.

Paige Baker said...

OH I just found you through Allie and your blog is SO cool. I love it. And this is so sweet I almost got teary.

allie said...

Ingrid, I forgot to mention that Henry has recently been doing the same no sleeping thing! Once he reached four months he started waking up every 4-5 hours to eat again and I have the same worries of not making enough milk and my poor little guy actually being starving (although everyone tells me to skip a night feeding and make him go 8-10 hours). I am at a loss as of what to do. I want to start teaching him to sleep longer but almost sleep better myself if I know he couldn't possibly be crying because he's hungry. However, every time I wake up in the night to feed him he only sucks for a few minutes and then he's passed out. Someone's got me wrapped around his little finger for sure!!!

allie said...

Also (sorry, comment overload here...) I just noticed you mention Tacoma in a previous post. Is this Tacoma, WA? My husband and I are both from WA and his parents currently live in Tacoma (he was raised in Gig Harbor). My mom went to Stadium High. Sorry if these places don't mean anything to you...just curious!!

Anonymous said...

Nice pics, but I think they would look better with a DSLR. They come cheap nowadays.


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