Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Husband!

Dear Husband:

I know you didn't want me to do anything for your birthday. You said, "No parties and don't spend any money." But how could I let your birthday pass without showing you how much I love you. Without reminding you that you are special. Without doing my best to make you feel appreciated.

So I bought a few special things I knew you wanted.


I invited over two of your most favorite people.


We ordered Five Guys.


I baked a cake.



You opened your first gift from your baby girl.


I think you had a nice birthday. Even though you didn't want anything special.


Baby, you should know by now, I don't let holidays of any kind pass without a fuss. And you are too remarkable not to spoil. Even though we don't have much - we have each other. And this is what families are all about.

Happy 34th Birthday husband. Hope your "do over" was even better than the first.


1 comment:

Arielle said...

Ingrid, that caaaaake! It's amazing. (Excellent gifts, too.)


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