Saturday, February 06, 2010


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Dear Sweet Baby, just thought you should know that you are really our third baby.

Our first was conceived last Christmas over late nights in front of the computer collaborating on Daddy’s application packages for business school. Daddy would write and then sit hopefully by my side while I read.

"Please don't say that I have to re-write the whole thing," he begged.

Then I would begin the critique, "Let's talk about what's good first".

We gave that baby Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and every date night in between. Gabe averaged 5 hours of sleep and I averaged 6. He wrote, I critiqued, he wrote more, I organized his recommenders, he prodded them gently, I nagged incessantly. We submitted the final application on January 8th and on August 9th we got the news that Dad was accepted at UCLA Anderson.

He sat stunned on the couch, the phone pressed to his ear. I jumped up and down silently before he hung up and then I wrapped my arms and legs around him and squeezed with every muscle in my body.

"We did it," he said.

Our second baby was conceived on July 27th, when your father got down on one knee at the Kidrobot store in New York and asked me to marry him. The engagement was just the beginning. Your father and I labored for 60 days over every small detail. Dad had an opinion on everything from the color of the paper for the programs to the flowers for the boutonnieres. And of course, I had an opinion as well. So we had to collaborate on everything.

I averaged three hours of sleep between juggling the guest list, assembling programs, cutting out gift bag labels, wrapping favors, selecting bridesmaid dresses and managing the invitation and RSVP process. Daddy did all the song selection, handled all the restaurants and food, worked on the ceremony and wrote thank you notes. We poured our hearts and souls into something that was really special for the both of us. The big day was birthed September 26, 2009 and it was spectacular! It was the product of our love and devotion to one another and it came together beautifully.

We are pretty proud of our first two offspring. But I have a feeling we will be even more proud of you!

We expect to be tired and cranky and frustrated when things don’t go quite right. We know all about trial and error. But in the end, we are both confident that the first time you grip a finger, hold up your head on your own, smile, crawl or make a noise that resembles a word, then it will all be worth it. We make pretty good things together, your Daddy and I.

I think you will love your siblings as much as we do and we can’t wait for you to meet them!

See you soon – Mommy and Daddy

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