Sunday, February 21, 2010

Getting Things Done - Day 10


Dear Story:

Sunday has always been a special day for me and your father. We wake up when we want to wake up and we lay around the house drinking coffee and doing our own separate projects. We have lunch together, go for a walk and maybe see friends. But today was our first "family" Sunday. We all slept in until 11:30 AM, I fed you, we drank coffee in our separate corners, I fed you again, we answered emails, I fed you, we caught up on our favorite blogs, I fed you again, I got to write for the first time in a long while, I fed you, Dad processed his in-box, we organized and I fed you some more. Your father spent about eight hours cleaning up his gmail contacts list and according to the new Total Baby app on our iTouch, he changed you six times!

Encouraged by the extra hours of sleep you gave us last night, we moved around furniture, did wash, cleaned, and put some order back into our lives. We know it wont last, but for now it was just what we needed.

Refreshed and rejuvenated, we are ready for the week to begin. At least we think we are.


Anne said...

Someone went a little berserk with the label maker at your house? LOL...
She's beautiful, by the way. Congratulations! - anne

Maiken. said...

Way to get stuff done. Wow- who knew they needed to be fed so often? Can't you just hook up a feed bottle to her crib or something?


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