Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Cocktail Napkins

Tati, Brando and Jane held drinks wrapped in wet cocktail napkins as they leaned in close to hear one another over the buzz at Left Bank in Adams Morgan, DC.

“When my girlies and I were younger, we would spend hours in our favorite bars making lists on the back of cocktail napkins. I have a collection of them in a box under my bed in NYC.”

The management pumped the music even louder and Tati had to yell to be heard.


Jane took a sip from her diet coke.

“Lists. You know. Like, 'best girls nights', 'worst dates', 'strangest place you ever fucked'. Stuff like that."

Brando’s ears perked up and he leaned in closer to Tati and Jane as they exchanged strained hollers over the bass of Jamiroquai.

“Yeah, right after the table was cleared, right before the dessert came, someone would just sort of call out, 'non-negotiables in a life partner', and we would go around the table a few times. Someone would take notes."

"On what?"

"Whatever we could write on. Paper table cloth covers from out favorite Italian restaurant. Theater programs. The back of movie tickets. Unfolded boxes of Marlboro Lights. Paper plates at a birthday party. But usually cocktail napkins."

Brando put his beer down, smoothed out his flat front Khakis and rolled up the sleeves of his button down gingham checked shirt.

“Sounds like you babes were bored a lot.”

“Brando, I love you man. And I am a babe. But for the purposes of feminist etiquette, can you please drop the ‘Babes’.

“I mean it as a term of endearment Jane.”

“I’ll remember that when you use it to introduce your mother to your co-workers.”

He rolled his eyes.

Our List
  1. Must be able to make me laugh
  2. I have to deem them attractive, actually, I have to think they are fucking hot
  3. Has to want me
  4. Must be passionate, about something
  5. Posses integrity
  6. Should be accepting of others, non-judgmental and open minded
  7. Gotta have a firm handshake
  8. Must believe in evolution
  9. Must have own thriving and exciting life that exists without me
  10. Has friends

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