Thursday, February 16, 2006

A Woman’s Femininity

My mother got her wig last week.

First she loses her breasts, and now her hair.

Were there ever two physical attributes more intrinsically tied to being a woman?

It had me wondering, how do I define my femininity?

Is it in the plunging neck line? … the delicate jewelry .. the low slung jeans and knee high boots?

Is it in the hair extensions? … the trendy hand bag? … the colors that run across my eyelids?

Or is it that I remember all the special moments? ...send birthday cards ...plan girls days?

Is it in the way I listen? …the instinct to put my arm around her when her voice gets shakey? …the soothing voice? …just when to present the Kleenex and let her cry?

Or is it that when she cries, I cry too?

And that is okay. We are allowed.

We are women.

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